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FIFA World Cup Soccer Tickets

World Cup Tickets

Grab your World Cup tickets today so that you don’t miss one of the biggest sporting events in the world! The World Cup is an international soccer tournament that takes place every four years and is put on by FIFA, the sport’s governing body. The senior national teams from every country undergo a qualification phase during the years leading up to the World Cup and the field is narrowed to 32 countries that compete in the tournament. The competition itself is hosted in a different country every cycle and the host nation automatically qualifies. The tournament format begins as a round robin in designated groups with the top two advancing into the knockout stage. From there, teams play single-elimination rounds until one country is left and crowned as the world champion.

Get your World Cup tickets with TicketSmarter to experience one of the greatest sporting events in the world! The World Cup is the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. Viewership for the event is among the highest of any event and even exceeds that of the Olympic games. As the highest of international competitions, the tournament brings the best players in the world together for a competition like no other. Likewise, it brings out the best fans who joyfully rally around their country and create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. If talking with other fans, it’s important to note that most countries refer to soccer as football. The event is known for its shocking upsets and exhilarating matches. It is a must-see for fans of the sport and makes for a memorable experience.

World Cup Ticket Prices

Due to the format of the World Cup, the prices change by tournament and are dependent on several factors. Ticket prices may vary by the host country, venue, teams playing and the stage of the competition. For example, a ticket to a group stage match between two less-distinguished teams will be less expensive than a ticket to a knockout game between popular teams. Additionally, the ticket price may go up for international spectators as discounts are given to citizens of the host nation.

How much are World Cup tickets?

For initial group stage tickets, the average price is around $90, with cheaper tickets being priced around $60 or $70 and premium tickets offered around $200. However, this is dependent on the match, as pricing will be more expensive for highly-anticipated games. For the finals, tickets can range from $440 to over $1,000. In general, prices will rise as the tournament progresses. Ticket prices are also based on seating, as the venues will likely have VIP and suite options available at premium prices. You can easily get any ticket option on TicketSmarter!

World Cup Schedule

Similar to the Olympic games, the World Cup is hosted every four years by a different country. With the exception of the 2022 World Cup, the games are always held during the summer and typically span through June and July. It is preceded by qualification games in the years leading up to it to determine the 32 countries, aside from the host nation, who will be invited to compete. The tournament begins in the group stage as a round-robin with the top two in every group advancing. From there, countries play single-elimination games until a world champion is determined. 

When do World Cup tickets go on sale?

World Cup tickets usually go on sale the year of the tournament. Since it is often played in the summer months, ticket sales will likely become available sometime around March. Expect tickets to sell out relatively fast for the opening games and marquee matchups.

World Cup Seating Chart

The hosting country offers its best venues to host this great tournament, but specific seating varies by the stadium. However, many countries build brand new stadiums just for this competition. TicketSmarter’s interactive seating chart can help you easily find great tickets for any venue. Take advantage of our online calendar and seating chart to quickly get soccer tickets.

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