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Anoushirvan Rohani Tickets

Anoushirvan Rohani Concert Tickets

Enjoy Anoushirvan Rohani tickets at your fingertips thanks to TicketSmarter. While Anoushirvan Rohani is known as a world music artist, the term world music may refer to a wide range of musical styles and traditions. A term coined by Westerners, world music is generally classified as music not rooted in European or North American tradition. As such, world music artists may hail anywhere from Japan to India to the African continent. Also, as the genre encompasses so many cultures and musical styles, the sounds of world music may incorporate any number of traditional instruments in addition to popular modern sounds. Regardless, it’s likely that a number of influences have come together to inspire the sounds of Anoushirvan Rohani.

While world music cannot be defined by one particular sound or style, popular genres include afrobeat, bossa nova and traditional Celtic. A few groups have been instrumental in cementing the genre’s popularity in the US. South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo is one such notable world music group, in part because of their collaboration with iconic singer/songwriter Paul Simon. Simon’s 1986 album Graceland was the fruit of his musical voyage to South Africa, during which he worked with a number of African musicians. Graceland exposed millions of listeners to world music and surely helped the genre gain new fans. The demand for Anoushirvan Rohani tickets speaks to a trend of world music artists reaching a growing audience.

Anoushirvan Rohani Ticket Prices

Anoushirvan Rohani ticket prices may vary. The price of seats sold at TicketSmarter may be affected by venue, city and ticket demand, among other factors. Seating proximity to the stage will typically increase ticket prices.

How much are Anoushirvan Rohani tickets?

While the price of Anoushirvan Rohani tour tickets may vary, tickets for other artists in the genre start from as low as the $20 range to over $100. In general, cheap Anoushirvan Rohani tickets will likely be found in the rear of the venue, with seats closer to the stage rising in price. Demand is the primary factor in determining ticket prices for general-admission club shows.

Anoushirvan Rohani may also be found performing at a popular music festival. Three-day passes for the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival may often be found for about $180. Purchase your tickets at TicketSmarter today.

Anoushirvan Rohani Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

TicketSmarter is constantly updated with up-to-the-minute Anoushirvan Rohani tour dates. Be sure to check our site to know when you can see Anoushirvan Rohani at a venue near you. It is likely that a Anoushirvan Rohani tour will last between three and six months, and reach venues all across the nation. Don't miss out on an opportunity to catch Anoushirvan Rohani at festivals like KCRW's World Festival in Los Angeles, CA or Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Boonville, CA.

When do Anoushirvan Rohani tickets go on sale?

Anoushirvan Rohani show tickets usually go on sale roughly three to four months before the performances take place. No presale codes are needed to buy tickets on our site.

Anoushirvan Rohani Seating Chart

Venues at which Anoushirvan Rohani will perform tend to vary based on the style of the tour. If Anoushirvan Rohani tour dates are taking place in a theatre setting, a number of seating sections may be available. Orchestra, mezzanine, loge and balcony areas are all typical of theatre-style venues. Seating for general admission venues is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Anoushirvan Rohani will typically perform for the largest crowds at festival dates. The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival usually sees thousands of attendees annually. TicketSmarter’s interactive seating chart is designed to help you find and select your preferred event seats.