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World Music Concert & Show Tickets

Expand your horizons with world music tickets from TicketSmarter! Encompassing a broad category of genres, styles, and artists, world music is one of the most expansive genre classifications on the planet.

Because of the wide range of artists under the world music banner, the terminology used to define the category is always evolving. The simplest definition is traditional music from non-western cultures, including Asian, African, and South American indigenous styles of music. This categorization, and the name "world music" is sometimes subject to criticism as it approaches music from a singular viewpoint.

To combat these criticisms, the definition of world music has shifted to mean, popular music from non-western locations. Though the term is still somewhat fraught, it is now largely focused on providing an avenue for people from the west to experience the music of other cultures in a succinct and digestible way under a single musical label.

Given this new definition, world music has evolved from being primarily local folk music into the pop hits of other countries. Today genres as varied as rock, metal, pop, hip hop, jazz, soul, and reggae can fall into various subsections of the world music umbrella.

Unsurprisingly, world music has not stayed contained in non-Western cultures. With the mass spread of music through streaming media, the lines between musical styles have become increasingly blurred. Some of the most famous modern examples of world music working its way into rock and western musical identities include Peter Gabriel's collaboration with Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, Paul Simon, Tune-Yards, and Vampire Weekend. These groups have either directly worked with or have been influenced by the sounds of other cultures in a way that leaves an indelible mark on their output.

World music has a large following in the United States that has led to countless sold-out arenas, stadiums, and theatres, as well as the creation of numerous festivals. A few of the largest world music festivals in the US include The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, FloydFest, The Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, and the Starwood Festival. These exciting events provide ticket buyers with the opportunity to expand their cultural horizons in a fun and exciting atmosphere alongside friends and peers.

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Let TicketSmarter help you find the best seats to all the biggest world music festivals, concerts, and events. Located on the page of each artist you'll find our helpful event calendar and seating charts. Our seating charts make it easy to find the best seat and ticket deals with a single glance. Both of these tools use a detailed set of filtering criteria, including event type, date, time, and more to ensure that you only see the best deals on the shows that you care about. To keep you safe, we back up each purchase with our 100% ticket guarantee. When you shop with TicketSmarter, your place at the year's biggest events is assured.

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With so many artists all across the world fitting into the world music category, it would be impossible to keep track of where they all are. TicketSmarter is here to help you keep up with the artists that you love, so you don't have to spend hours tracking down tough-to-find information. All you have to do is head to the profile page of the artist you want to see, then you only need to scan for the venue closest to you and click on the event. Once you've made your selection and purchase it’s a snap to get to the event. Download your tickets directly to your device or have the hard copy tickets mailed to you. Whatever your choice, TicketSmarter makes venue entry seamless so that you'll never get stuck in line at the box office again.

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We know that life can get busy, so it's hard to keep up with when concert tickets to see your favorite artist might go on sale. While TicketSmarter makes it easier to keep track of when world music artists are performing near you, we also make it easy to buy tickets at the last minute, just in case. The good news is that buying tickets close to the day of the event can actually save you money. Research has shown that ticket prices dip to their lowest point three to fourteen days before the show date. But make sure to act fast, once last-minute tickets are sold out, they're gone forever.