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& Juliet Theatre Tickets

& Juliet – Musical tickets give audience members a new look at Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by answering the question, “What if Juliet didn’t die at the end of the play?”

For over 500 years, audiences have been enthralled by the story of Romeo and Juliet. The story of two star-crossed lovers and packed with sword fights, love, dancing and death has become a cultural icon and has seen numerous adaptations over its long history. The original play is a true tragedy punctuated by comedic elements that drew audiences closer to the characters and deeper into the pain of their tragic and sorrowful deaths. & Juliet preserves the beauty and complexity of Shakespeare’s original production while giving it a modern take.

& Juliet - Musical tickets allow us to watch Shakespeare as he composes the life of Juliet after Romeo. With music by Max Martin and book by David West Read, & Juliet is an irreverent and funny coming-of-age story as the young Juliet looks inward to discover who she really is and outward at the people and opportunities that await her. The powerful songs are performed in front of a backdrop that blends Elizabethan theater with modern glam. Giant video screens behind the action of moving sets and non-stop dancing keep the audience’s eye engaged throughout the production.

The combining of the world’s iconic love story with modern female empowerment and exploration of gender give & Juliet an edge to a Shakespeare reworking that has never been seen before.

& Juliet Ticket Prices

London Theatre ticket prices tend to vary on our site. The seating section, venue and ticket demand all have an effect on the price of our seats. Stall and orchestra seating, depending on the venue configuration, will almost always come at a premium.

How much are & Juliet tickets?

While & Juliet ticket prices may vary, show tickets for West End theatres typically range from about $65 to over $500. The seating section is usually the primary factor in determining ticket prices. Tickets for elevated seats in the rear of the venue often range from about $65 to $200. Mezzanine or dress circle seats may range from about $200 to about $300, and floor-level seats may range from about $100 to over $500. Get your tickets hassle-free at TicketSmarter today.

Most productions of & Juliet have ticket prices ranging from $22.50 - $1237.50. $310.57 is the average price patrons pay to attend a live performance of & Juliet. 

& Juliet Show Schedule

While some short-run productions buck the trend, most West End shows follow a set weekly schedule. It’s likely that there will be eight performances of & Juliet per week, with no shows on Sundays. Matinee performances typically take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays before the evening shows. There are currently 469 productions remaining on & Juliet 2024 show schedule. & Juliet next performance will play on May 29th, 2024 at 2:00pm. This production will be held on the stage of the Stephen Sondheim Theatre at 124 West 43 Street, New York, NY.

Right now, there are still 190 & Juliet tickets listed for this performance. Ticket prices for this show are available from $129.60 to $614.25. The last performance of & Juliet is set for September 21st, 2025 at 6:30pm. & Juliet show tickets for its final performance are going for $91.77 - $618.30 a ticket. Secure your spot in the audience now because there are only 93 tickets available for this performance. 

When do & Juliet tickets go on sale?

As with many other theater productions, you may be able to find & Juliet seats over a year in advance of the given performance. Don’t fret, as no presale code is ever needed to purchase with us.

& Juliet Seating Chart

West End theatres typically offer a variety of seating options. An elevated section in the rear of the venue may be labeled the balcony or upper circle. The next section, moving toward the stage, may be known as the mezzanine, grand circle, or dress circle, followed by the loge or royal circle. The floor-level seating section is typically known as the stalls or orchestra.

As there are a total of thirty-nine theatres in the historic West End, capacity ranges vastly from venue to venue. The London Palladium, the West End’s largest theatre, holds just over 2,200 patrons, while the Arts Theatre holds just about 350 guests. Naturally, larger venues will offer a larger variety of seating sections. Select and purchase your preferred & Juliet seats using TicketSmarter’s interactive seating chart.

Safe and Secure & Juliet Ticket Purchasing

Visit the West End without visiting the box office. All seats sold on our site are guaranteed to be just as valid as ones purchased directly from the venue. Our site is also designed to be a safe, secure ticketing platform, as we value the privacy of your personal information.

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Enjoy a worry-free & Juliet ticket purchasing experience with the knowledge that all our theatre tickets are 100% guaranteed. Our site is also rated 4.6/5.0 stars by verified customers, so you can take their word for it. Enjoy the show!

& Juliet Tour Dates

05/29/2024 - 09/15/2024
New York, NY
09/22/2024 - 09/29/2024
Baltimore, MD
10/01/2024 - 10/06/2024
Durham, NC
10/15/2024 - 10/20/2024
Greenville, SC
10/22/2024 - 10/27/2024
Charlotte, NC
11/05/2024 - 11/17/2024
Boston, MA
11/19/2024 - 11/24/2024
Buffalo, NY
12/03/2024 - 12/15/2024
Chicago, IL
01/07/2025 - 01/12/2025
Atlanta, GA