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College Lacrosse Tickets

Get your NCAA lacrosse tickets to see the nation’s best student-athletes compete in this fast-paced sport! The NCAA sanctions lacrosse for both men and women across Division I, Division II and Division III. There are 397 men’s lacrosse teams and 524 women’s lacrosse teams in the NCAA. At the DI level, 74 universities sponsor varsity men’s lacrosse while 117 universities sponsor women’s lacrosse. Lacrosse is primarily played by universities in the northeast and along the east coast with teams sprinkled around the midwest and west coast. Many college lacrosse teams are members of major conferences like the ACC, Big Ten, Big East, Pac-12 and Ivy League.

The NCAA sports began sanctioning the men’s lacrosse national championship in 1971 with a women’s lacrosse national championship being added in 1982. Some of the most dominant teams in men’s lacrosse include the Syracuse Orange, Johns Hopkins Blue Jays, Virginia Cavaliers and Princeton Tigers, who have all won more than five national titles. The Maryland Terrapins have dominated women’s lacrosse at the DI college level with over ten national championships, while the Northwestern Wildcats have won more than five. Secure your NCAA lacrosse tickets today at TicketSmarter!

NCAA Lacrosse Ticket Prices

College lacrosse tickets will have several factors that can affect their cost. The popularity of the teams playing, the size of the stadium, seating location and the number of games left on the schedule will all have an impact on NCAA lacrosse ticket prices.

How much are NCAA Lacrosse tickets?

College lacrosse is a very affordable sport to see live. Tickets for regular-season matchups are typically found in the $15 to $20 range. The NCAA Lacrosse Championship finals will be more expensive with tickets starting around $30 and the average ticket price in the $100 to $120 range.

NCAA Lacrosse Dates & Schedule

The NCAA lacrosse schedule for men’s and women’s teams both occur simultaneously. The college lacrosse schedule takes place during the spring with the season for all teams opening in February. Most teams will play 14 to 18 games in a regular season. Universities that are members of a conference will play in-conference and out-of-conference games, while independents will be free to schedule a variety of opponents. The regular lacrosse season will end in early May.

Postseason play consists of conference tournaments and the national championship tournaments in May. The men’s national championship tournament will feature 16 teams, while the women’s tournament will have 28 teams. Both tournaments will feature single-elimination play with earlier rounds hosted at the home field of the higher-seeded team. The semifinals and finals will be played at neutral sites with a day of rest scheduled between the two events.

When do NCAA Lacrosse tickets go on sale?

The on-sale dates for college lacrosse will vary from team to team. Regular season tickets will generally go on sale sometime from November to January. Tickets for the later rounds of the lacrosse national championship tournaments will usually become available in January. Earlier rounds of those tournaments will go on sale once the higher-seeded teams have clinched home-field advantage in the playoffs.

NCAA Lacrosse Seating Chart

College lacrosse on university campuses is typically played at a stadium that is shared with the university’s football or soccer team. This can lead to teams playing in venues that hold under 10,000 or well over 50,000. Larger stadiums that hold lacrosse games will typically only use the lower level of seating.

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship semifinals and finals are usually played in large NFL stadiums such as Gillette Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field and M&T Bank Stadium. The attendance for the final two rounds of the competition is usually around 30,000 with only the lower levels of the stadiums available for seating. The NCAA Women’s Lacrosse National Championship is typically held at stadiums that hold around 10,000 to 20,000 spectators like Homewood Field, Kenneth P. Lavalle Stadium and Subaru Park. The NCAA lacrosse seating charts on TicketSmarter’s virtual ticket office will accurately show the layout of the full stadium to customers along with highlighted sections where tickets are currently available.

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