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NHL Hockey Tickets

Get ready for another hard-hitting season on the ice with NHL tickets from TicketSmarter. The National Hockey League was founded in 1917 and is the top level of professional ice hockey in the United States and Canada. The players and teams that compete in the NHL are considered to be amongst the best in the world. Every season the teams compete for the Stanley Cup, the oldest trophy in North American sports history. The league is made up of 31 teams spread across the United States and Canada, with a 32nd team out of Seattle scheduled to join the league in the 2021-2022 season.

The league started out as a four-team Canadian league but added its first US-based team in 1924 with the Boston Bruins. The early years of the league featured several teams coming and going, but a core group of six teams played in the league from 1942 until the league was ready to expand in 1967. These “Original Six” teams were made up of the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers. The Original Six are considered the foundation for the league as fans know it today and each has a tradition of fielding winning teams over the years. Secure your NHL tickets at TicketSmarter to see who will be the next team to hoist the Stanley Cup!

How much are NHL tickets?

Ticket prices for NHL games will change based on each team’s level of success and how big their fan base is. The average price of NHL tickets is generally around $90 to $130. The most expensive games to attend in the league are those hosted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and the Nashville Predators. The cheapest average ticket prices in the league belong to the Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers. All prices in the league can make a jump up or down based on the type of season that each team is having.

NHL Dates & Schedule

The NHL schedule begins in September with the NHL preseason. The preseason will see each team play six to eight exhibition games in order for coaches and management to adjust roster spots and arrange the most effective line orders on the ice. The NHL regular season will begin in October and will feature an 82-game schedule that runs through April. Teams are divided into conferences and then the conferences are divided into divisions. The Eastern Conference is split up into the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions, while the Western Conference is split into the Central and Pacific divisions.

Once the regular season is completed, the top three teams from each division as well as two wild cards from each conference will enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The eight teams from each conference are seeded based on their point totals from the regular season and will play a best-of-seven series to advance in the tournament. First-round play will begin in the second week of April with two to three days between each game to allow for rest, travel and practice time. The second round will begin in the last week of April and the NHL Conference Finals will take place in May. TicketSmarter will have Stanley Cup Playoffs tickets available for home and away games in each round.

Once the two conference champions are crowned, those teams will go on to play in the Stanley Cup Finals, which begins in the last week of May and through mid-June should the full seven games be needed to declare a champion. Additional highlights of the NHL schedule is a group of outdoor games played in NFL, MLB, CFL or NCAA football stadiums. The NHL Heritage Classic is played in a CFL stadium amongst Canadian NHL teams on an infrequent basis. The NHL Winter Classic is played on New Year’s Day and the NHL Stadium Series is a single game that is generally held in February or early March. NHL tickets are available for all NHL games held during the preseason, regular season and playoff games.

NHL Hockey Teams

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