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Get your Nitro Circus tickets today from TicketSmarter and experience action sports like never before. Nitro Circus was created by a group of friends who shared a deep love for pushing the limits and having fun in the process. It’s this fellowship and sense of adventure that embodies everything they do, always breaking barriers in the name of innovation and excitement. 

Nitro Circus has showcased many of the most memorable moments in action sports for the past 15 years, yet they emerged from modest beginnings. In 2003 Travis Pastrana and his companions embarked on this endeavor by first releasing self-made DVDs which displayed their impressive skills with extreme sports and stunts, but also their proclivity for danger. Since then, the company has become a staple in the action sports industry, producing hit television shows, releasing a 3D movie, founding a live touring sensation that continues to travel across multiple continents each year and creating a world-famous action sports competition. From top-tier athletes to world-class daredevils, their athletes are in the prime of their game, whether it be in freestyle motocross, BMX, skateboarding or any sport that takes things to the extreme. Order your Nitro Circus tickets today and watch them do the impossible at a venue near you.

Nitro Circus Ticket Prices

Different variables are considered when determining the various Nitro Circus tour ticket prices. This includes the seating capacity of the specific venue, your seat location and whether the performance or tour is sold-out. VIP packages and premium suite rentals will also likely have higher prices.

How much are Nitro Circus tickets?

You can buy a general admission field Nitro Circus tour ticket starting at about $31 to $40 for their show at Greater Nevada Field, Reno, NV. There are other affordable options if you want to see the action from up in the stadium as well, with infield stadium tickets having prices that tend to be around the $56 range. Additionally, plenty of venues offer quality birds-eye-views of the show. Box seats for the Whitaker Bank Ballpark, Lexington, KY range from $86 to $136, while concourse seats go for approximately $120 to $163 at Day Air Ballpark, Dayton, OH.

Nitro Circus Tour Dates & Event Schedule

Named the "You Got This Tour", this series is expected to be an explosive, high-adrenaline spectacle. With motocross veteran and multiple X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana leading the way, that's a given in this tour that showcases Pastrana and his crew of expert sports athletes and friends. He's joined by fellow motocross racer Jolene Van Vugt, FMX rider Andy Bell, mountain bike racer Jim DeChamp, extreme skier Erik `Rubberneck' Roner and Streetbike Tommy Passemante, a  friend of Pastrana's who is always a dependable source of comic relief. The You Got This Tour debuted in 2018 in renowned venues like London’s O2, but now the show is moving outdoors. The huge stage set features the Giganta ramp, which launches riders five stories into the air. The dream-team roster will also display shocking tricks that will blow you away, plus be ready for their daredevils to bring out some insane new contraptions. With this crew expect the unexpected. Make sure to check out our event calendar, because whether Nitro Circus is coming to PNC Field in Moosic, PA or Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, all the information that you need about their upcoming tour schedule will be there.

When do Nitro Circus tickets go on sale?

Nitro Circus tour tickets are available almost immediately after their new schedule is released, which is typically about four to five months prior to their first show. Tickets are on sale right now and their North American tour dates are fully listed, including shows at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, NC and TD Stadium in London, ON. Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to see Nitro Circus live and reserve a seat today.

Nitro Circus Seating Chart

The You Got This Tour 2020 will almost always feature Nitro Circus performing in open-roof stadiums, with seating charts tailored for the typical baseball, soccer and football events. Out of the 12 location venue spots for the tour, eight operate primarily as hosts to baseball games, two for football and two for multi-sporting needs. However, in the case that stadium seating options are too expensive, venues such as Day Air Ballpark, Cooley Law School Stadium, or the Greater Nevada Field offer cheaper alternatives in the lawn or general admissions field sections.

The venue size for the different stadiums vary greatly, with the largest seating capacity being 31,500 at Sloan Park in Truist Field, Winston Salem, NC, and the smallest being the Wild Health Field in Lexington, Kentucky with 6,994. Regardless of your preference, TicketSmarter has a Nitro Circus ticket perfect for you.

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