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GWAR Concert Tickets

Get your heavy metal concert fix with GWAR concert tickets available on TicketSmarter. Established in 1984 in Richmond, Virginia, the American band GWAR is the result of multiple rock projects coming together into one. Dave Brockie was a member of a punk band named Death Piggy that staged mini-plays and used crude props to complement its music. Death Piggy met metal artists Hunter Jackson and Chuck Varga at Richmond Dairy, an old bottling plant where bands would perform and practice. Both attended the Virginia Commonwealth University where they established "The Slave Pit", a production space.

GWAR is easily identified by their distinctively outlandish costumes. Deeply interested in the audience experience, GWAR utilizes a performance style referred to as Shock Rock, heavy rock with very theatrical intense performances. They are known to spray their audience with liquids during the show for effect and wear ludicrous and intricate costumes as well as their aesthetic revolving around elaborate sci-fi-based mythology representing band members as ferocious otherworldly warriors. Their performances contain political satire, celebrity mockery, and mutilation of replica animals.

They receive lots of praise as well as stir up much controversy due to their extremely eccentric style. They’ve released thirteen studio albums, two live albums, and multiple singles. Phallus in Wonderland, a long-film music depiction earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Long Form Music Video. Though all original members have moved on, GWAR still performs as a group of frequently rotating line-up of musicians, artists, and filmmakers collectively known as Slave Pit Inc.

GWAR Concert Tickets Prices

GWAR ticket prices can depend on multiple factors. Variations in price can be caused by the venue, seat quality, product demand, and VIP options. TicketSmarter’s site has a helpful interactive seating chart tool to help you easily locate the tickets for the seats you desire.

How much are GWAR Concert Tickets?

GWAR often performs in Newport Music Hall and similar venues. Mezzanine seats in these theaters can be as affordable as $34-$48. Closer seating on the main floor under the mezzanine can be purchased for around $95. For best seats, fans try to purchase GWAR tickets right by the stage which can range from $130- $162. Other venue spaces they occupy are The Caverns and House of Blues Cleveland, eclectic standing-room-only venues with general admission averaging $115-$200.

When shopping for your Gwar tickets you can expect to pay an average price of $153.29 a ticket. The most you can pay is $1456.54, which is often for seats near the front of the stage. Many of the band’s live shows have cheap Gwar tickets listed for $40.74 a ticket.

GWAR 2024 Tour Dates

GWAR tours America and the United Kingdom performing in a variety of standing-room-only venues, theaters, outdoor stages, and more. Tours can range from multiple months in a row to a single month featuring back to back performances.

Prepare yourself to see Gwar live in concert because the band is going back on tour. Gwar has 8 concerts scheduled for 2024. Gwar next concert is scheduled for September 12th, 2024 at 7:00pm. This energized performance will take place at the Town Ballroom at 681 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. Fans of the group’s music will want to order their Gwar tickets soon because there are only 59 tickets left for this show. Gwar concert tickets range between $46.90 - $540.00.

When do GWAR Tickets go on sale?

Tickets can go on sale several months before the first concert scheduled. When tour dates are released, tickets are available for purchase online soon after. No presale codes required on TicketSmarter for your GWAR concert tickets.

Songs from the Gwar Tour Setlist

Gwar's setlist while performing in Birmingham , AL at “Iron City” included the following songs:

  1. War Pigs Black Sabbath intro
  2. War Is All We Know
  3. The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo
  4. Mother Fucking Liar
  5. You Can't Kill Terror
  6. Hail, Genocide!
  7. The Cutter
  8. Starving Gods (Death Whistle Suite)
  9. Crack in the Egg
  10. Completely Fucked
  11. Immortal Corrupter
  12. Maggots
  13. Let Us Slay
  14. Sonderkommando
  15. Black and Huge
  16. Berserker Mode
  17. Encore
  18. I, Bonesnapper
  19. Sick of You
  20. Fuck This Place
  21. Kiss From a Rose


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Gwar Tour Dates

Buffalo, NY
Cincinnati, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Millvale, PA
St. Louis, MO
Little Rock, AR
Fayetteville, AR
Des Moines, IA