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Orville Peck Concert Tickets

Purchase some Orville Peck tickets today to see one of the latest up and comers in the country music scene. His music is described as being a mix of Country and Rockabilly. In 2019, he released his debut album “Pony”. This album was nominated on the longlist for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. In January 2020, Orville’s first album, “Pony,” received a Juno Award nomination for Alternative Album of the Year. He’s performed his hit single “Dead of Night” on Jimmy Kimmel Live in January 2020. He was nominated for three different A2IM Libera Awards in 2020, including Breakthrough Artist, Album of the Year, and Best Country Album.

Orville Peck is a pseudonym and it is unclear who he is exactly. He is notorious for always wearing a long lone ranger mask concealing his true identity. His first world tour took place in 2020 with stops in big cities all around the world. He’s played Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, as well as Mount Cobetas in Bilbao, Spain. He’s had plans to play at big music festivals in the United States, including Coachella and Stagecoach. Whatever tour he’s on, you can be sure to find some Orville Peck tickets here on TicketSmarter.

Orville Peck Ticket Prices

Being a relatively smaller name, you can find Orville Peck tickets for good prices. For the most part, his shows will be in smaller venues so expect a lot of general admission tickets. For larger festivals that he might be performing at, like the Hangout Music Festival, you might see some options to purchase multi-day passes.

How much are Orville Peck tickets?

A lot of the smaller venues that Orville Peck performs at will offer cheap Orville Peck tickets. This is because a lot of the smaller venues that he performs in, like Paper Tiger, are smaller venues and don’t offer a variety of seating options. You can usually find these kinds of tickets for around $50 - $75. When it comes to some of the larger events that Orville Peck is a part of, like the Stagecoach Festival at Empire Polo Field, tickets will be a little more expensive. This is mainly due to the fact that most of these kinds of tickets need to be purchased in a multi-day pass set. General admission Orville Peck tickets for three-day events like these will typically cost around $500. You might be interested in getting really close to the action. You might find some exclusive standing pit access tickets for multi-day events that can cost nearly $2,000. Whatever event or seating option you choose, you can always check our easy to use schedule above to find your Orville Peck tickets today. 

Orville Peck Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

In response to his recent album release, Orville Peck began touring around the world in 2019. You can find him performing in cities both big and small all around the world. Big music festivals that you can get Orville Peck tickets to include the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival in Tennessee, the Under the Big Sky Festival in Montana, and at Harryween in New York. Aside from the big festivals, Orville Peck routinely plays at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Mount Cobetas in Bilbao, Spain. Because of his unique, indie style, you can usually find Orville Peck at music festivals all around the world, especially in the United States. Check out the schedule above to find out when Orville Peck is coming to a place near you.

When do Orville Peck tickets go on sale?

Since Orville Peck performs at a lot of music festivals, you will want to look around for when the list of performers for those festivals is announced. Those festivals typically take place around the same time each year, so definitely stay tuned for when those dates are announced. You can check back on our schedule frequently to find out when to purchase your Orville Peck concert tickets.

Orville Peck Seating Chart

No matter the event, the TickerSmarter seating chart here is the best way for you to browse the selection of available tickets. For a lot of the music festivals that you can get Orville Peck tickets for, you will find mainly general admission tickets. For some of these festivals like Coachella, you can typically find VIP areas that will include private restrooms and private bars. These tickets will definitely be more expensive, but will certainly provide the best Orville Peck concert experience available. In some of the smaller venues outside of festivals, you can usually find some very affordable Orville Peck tickets. Most of these tickets will be general admission in 1,000-2,000 capacity venues. Always check out our easy to use seating chart above to find your seats for Orville Peck’s next performance.

Safe and Secure Orville Peck Ticket Purchasing

We understand that making purchases online can be difficult or worrisome at times. That’s why we’ve worked painstakingly hard to design our site to give you a simple and easy Orville Peck ticketing buying experience. We’ve researched and implemented the highest security standards in the industry. Know that we take the utmost care with your personal and private information when making your purchase.

100% Orville Peck Ticket Guarantee

All TicketSmarter tickets are 100% guaranteed. Verified customers rate TicketSmarter 4.6/5.0 stars, so you can order with confidence knowing that we stand behind you throughout your Orville Peck ticket buying experience.

Songs from the Orville Peck Tour Setlist

Orville Peck's setlist while performing in Santa Fe, NM at “Meow Wolf” included the following songs:

  1. Big Sky
  2. Winds Change
  3. Queen of the Rodeo
  4. Roses Are Falling
  5. Summertime
  6. Turn to Hate
  7. Kansas (Remembers Me Now)
  8. Ooh Las Vegas
  9. Dead of Night
  10. No Glory in the West
  11. Nothing Fades Like the Light
  12. Buffalo Run
  13. Hope to Die
  14. Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other
  15. Encore
  16. Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)

Source: Setlist.fm