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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Tickets MLB Baseball

Jump on the stairway to heaven when you purchase Los Angeles Angels tickets from TicketSmarter. The Angels have a rich history in the Los Angeles area despite their short tenure as an MLB team. Originally founded in 1961 by legendary Western Film actor Gene Autry, the Angel's name is an homage to the original LA Angels, who were a minor league franchise from 1903-1957 and were the first professional team in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Angels tickets have always sold well, though some LA Area fans still consider them a secondary team behind the Dodgers. Those who feel this way will still refer to the angels as the Anaheim Angels, the name they possessed from 1997 until 2004, or as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Despite this consternation, LA Angels tickets continue to sell well, especially today. The reason for the sales success can largely be attributed to the team's superstar Mike Trout, who is generally considered the best active player in baseball. 

Get your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tickets today to secure your place for the upcoming season, and join 47,000 fans in cheering your team on to victory at Angel Stadium of Anaheim — home to the 2002 World Series Champions. Over the course of the franchise’s history, baseball greats such as Rod Carew, Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Trout, and Albert Pujols have stepped up to the plate. Will the Angels make it to the playoffs? Get your Angels tickets today, and watch your favorite players at the next big game at Angels Stadium of Anaheim, 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806.

How to Buy LA Angels Tickets

Our event calendar and interactive seating chart (shown above) guide you to the best seats at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim games. TicketSmarter’s numerous filtering choices (event type, date, time) help you secure tickets at the best prices, and TicketSmarter’s 100% ticket guarantee assures your place for the year’s biggest games. See your favorite players like Mike Trout and Justin Upton in action from the best vantage point with your advance purchase of TicketSmarter LA Angels Tickets.

Cheap Angels tickets

For cheap Angels tickets, take a look at the upper-level seats. Or, you can try to wait for a last-minute deal. Find the seats you want at the right prices to these exciting MLB games using our convenient baseball calendar and easy-to-use seating chart above. Watch the Angels match up with the Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, and other American League Baseball heavy hitters as they try to get back to the MLB playoffs. Purchase your Anaheim Angels tickets for the new season today.

Los Angeles Angels Stadium Seating Chart

Angels Stadium features a fairly standard seating layout for a baseball stadium. General seating stretches just beyond the foul pole before switching to single level seating in deep left field and two-level seating in deep right field. The stadium's singular oddity is a cutout in deep center field between these two seating sections. This cutout slightly shortens center field, making it the ideal location for a grand slam dinger. 

If there is a particular seating section that has caught your eye, check out our seating chart before you purchase your tickets. This handy tool comes with a wide variety of filters to ensure that you always get the best deal on LA Angels tickets.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Schedule

The Angels play a standard 162-game MLB schedule, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to buy LA Angels tickets. They play in the AL West division with the Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, all of whom are their most common opponents.

During spring months the team plays spring training games at Tempe Diablo Stadium in Tempe, AZ as a part of the Cactus League. 

Find tickets to these thrilling games and more when you use our handy event calendar. Located at the top of this page, this helpful calendar shows every upcoming Angels game to ensure that you never miss out on a season-defining matchup 

Safe and Secure Ticket Purchasing

Feel secure purchasing your tickets from TicketSmarter, as our service provides a worry-free ticket buying experience that ensures you will always find a great deal on authentic LA Angels tickets. We maintain the highest industry standards of customer service to assure your safety and satisfaction when making your purchase.