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Watch top schools compete for the Women’s College World Series with your Womens College World Series tickets from TicketSmarter. Softball first originated out of the ingenuity of baseball players wanting to play the game during the winter. Since it was too cold to play baseball outside, the game was modified to allow for indoor competition. The first softball was made out of a balled-up boxing glove, hence the term “soft” ball. The game was initially termed “Indoor Baseball,” but quickly was dubbed “Indoor-Outdoor” when the popularity of the game caused it to also be played outside.

In modern times, softball is traditionally played by women. It is widely popular at the intercollegiate level. Both the NCAA and the NAIA govern competition between schools. NCAA Division I Softball culminates in the Women’s College World Series. This annual championship has been held since the 1981-82 season. Two four-team double-elimination brackets lead up to the best-of-three series to determine the Division I WCWS National Champion. The event is held in Oklahoma City each year at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. Purchase Womens College World Series tickets to see your team compete for a chance at the national title.

Schools from states in warmer climates tend to do better than states in the northern United States. UCLA took home the 2019 NCAA Division I Softball Championship to tally the school’s twelfth such title. Arizona has brought home back-to-back titles at least three times in school history.

Womens College World Series Ticket Prices

Womens College World Series ticket prices will depend on the success of the team. Expect tickets to cost more for matchups against highly ranked opponents. Conference tournaments and postseason games will cost more than regular-season games.

Womens College World Series Schedule

The NCAA Division I Softball season runs from February through June. Approximately 286 schools compete at the Division I level each year. Various conferences such as the SEC and the Pac-12 routinely field teams that are highly ranked throughout the country. Washington and Arizona State typically fight for the Pac-12 title each year. In the SEC, Alabama and Tennessee finish at the top of the standings year after year. Premier events like the Texas Invitational are hosted by the University of Texas each year. It’s possible to find Womens College World Series tickets for these special tournaments. Additionally, schools will compete in around 50 to 60 games each season.