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Crescent Ballroom - WA Tickets

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Slip on your dancing shoes once you get your Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets. Ballrooms such as Crescent Ballroom - WA are popular locations for social dancing and dancing competitions of all kinds from the waltz to the tango, foxtrot and more. But they can also be hosts for a variety of events including concerts, lectures, small conventions and even MMA or WWE fights. The Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colo., and the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York are venues that are similar to Crescent Ballroom - WA in the events that it holds. 

Ballrooms were initially used for the purpose of hosting balls for higher society people to enjoy, but in contemporary times, the uses and locations of ballrooms have become diversified. Many hotels in the United States and around the world will usually have a ballroom and some ballrooms exist on their own as public facilities used to put on different events. Many ballrooms can be rented out for private events like weddings and parties. Depending on the size of the ballroom you visit, there will likely be a large central area that allows for dancing, but can also be converted into a meeting space with a stage at the front for speakers or musicians like Flogging Molly or Shinedown to perform.

The Brigham Young University (BYU) Ballroom Dance Company has put on ballroom shows and theatrical productions in more than 35 countries and for guests as distinguished as the Queen of Thailand. No matter the event, you can get ready for a grand affair with Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets from TicketSmarter.

Where is Crescent Ballroom - WA located?

Crescent Ballroom - WA and its ticket office are located at 1302 South Fawcett, Tacoma, WA 98402.

Crescent Ballroom - WA Seating Chart

Be assured that you will get your seats at Crescent Ballroom - WA in Tacoma with our simple and interactive seating chart. The seating in a ballroom will depend on the event being held, for example, a lecture or concert may feature rows of seats facing the stage where the guest(s) will be present, while a boxing match will have a ring set up in the space with seats surrounding it in a square format, allowing for clear views of all the action. If obtaining premium seating there may be balcony seating or reserved tables available. Our platform enlists a wide selection of filtering options to assist in getting Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets in Tacoma, WA. TicketSmarter’s convenient delivery options make it easy to download your tickets or have them delivered to you without delay.

How much are Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets?

The price of your ticket will vary depending on the event and where your seat is located. Right now, there are not any scheduled events, but when Crescent Ballroom - WA scheduled events we will be able to calculate average ticket prices for you.

Crescent Ballroom - WA Schedule

Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets are easy to find when you buy them from TicketSmarter. Quickly navigate the schedule above for Crescent Ballroom - WA events using our filtering tool. Often, these include guest speakers or musical acts. Our online marketplace makes buying Crescent Ballroom - WA tickets simple. Use the calendar of events located above to plan your next trip to this stunning ballroom.

How many events are coming to Crescent Ballroom - WA?

Right now there are no events scheduled for Crescent Ballroom - WA at this time.

What time does Crescent Ballroom - WA open?

Crescent Ballroom - WA doors typically open an hour before performances but, fans will want to arrive at the venue 30 - 60 minutes early to find parking.