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Wolf Trap Opera Tickets

Wolf Trap Opera Opera Tickets

Enjoy an evening awash in opera music when you buy Wolf Trap Opera tickets at TicketSmarter. Wolf Trap Opera enjoys a deep connection to thousands of composers, actors and singers through the wide-reaching roots of opera. The first piece to combine poetry, dance and music in a way we would classify as “opera” was Dafne by Jacopo Peri.

While it was written in the waning years of the 1500s, the term “opera” would not be used to describe the genre until the middle of the following century. While the art form originated in Italy, opera itself was conceived in an attempt to revive the classical format of Greek drama. For that reason, some of the earliest operas, including Jacopo Peri’s Eurydice, feature retelling of widely-known Greek stories.

As opera evolved, composers around the world began to make their own contributions to the genre. As each composer usually wrote in their native language, operas grew to encompass more than Italian-language performances. Modern-day opera may be performed in a number of languages, though Italian, German and French are the most common. The emotional nature of the storytelling, as well as the beautiful music and fantastic talent on display surely continue to make a night at the opera something to experience. The modern-day demand for Wolf Trap Opera tickets is thanks to a wide expansion of the opera genre over the years.

How much are Wolf Trap Opera tickets?

Wolf Trap Opera concert ticket prices may vary according to the popularity of the opera chosen and the seating selection. Most opera performance venues have tiered seating choices with orchestra, parterre, balcony, mezzanine, dress circle and family circle sections. Cheaper seating will typically be found in the rear-most section of the venue, these tickets will have prices ranging from $35 to $50.

Discounted opera tickets are not usually offered for matinee performances based on showtime alone. Premium seating choices will be in the orchestra section closest to the stage or the front-of-the-box sections. These seats will usually range from $180 to upwards of $300. Purchase your opera tickets with convenience at TicketSmarter.

Wolf Trap Opera Performance Schedule

Be sure to consult our site for an up-to-date Wolf Trap Opera schedule, as opera concerts may be presented in a variety of ways. Some productions may tour the nation, performing for one night only in select cities, while others will temporarily take root and offer a number of shows over the course of a week or longer. Some of the more popular operas today are Carmen, La Boheme, La Traviata and Don Giovanni. All theatre tickets are listed on the schedule above, so be sure to find the opera you're interested in near you to make your purchase.