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Monaco Grand Prix Tickets

Monaco Grand Prix Race Tickets

See the grandest race on Formula 1 calendar with Monaco Grand Prix tickets. The Monaco Grand Prix is typically held in late May or early June and is known as the most prestigious event in F1 racing. The grand prix takes place at Circuit de Monaco, a narrow street circuit just over 2 miles in length. Circuit de Monaco provides a great challenge for Formula One drivers with tight corners, multiple changes in elevation and a high-speed tunnel. Alongside the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix makes up the unofficial Triple Crown of Motorsport.

The Monaco Grand Prix predates the Formula 1 World Championship as the inaugural race was held in 1929 with William Grover-Williams winning the race in a Bugatti. In 1936, the Grand Prix became a part of the European Drivers’ Championship and was then added to the Formula 1 World Championship calendar in 1950. Monaco Grand Prix tickets have allowed fans to watch some of the greatest drivers in F1 history compete including Fernando Alonso, Jackie Stewart and Lewis Hamilton.

Ayrton Senna is considered one of the greatest drivers to even compete in the Monaco Grand Prix. During his career, he won six Monaco Grand Prix including five consecutive victories from 1989 through 1993. Other multi-time winners at Monaco include Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill and Alain Prost. As constructors, McLaren and Ferrari have both won 10 or more Monaco Grand Prix, while Mercedes and Red Bull have also been highly successful with five or more victories in the race.

How much are Monaco Grand Prix tickets?

Racing tickets will have several price levels based on where you sit at the track and on the series that is competing. Formula 1 tickets can easily cost more than $600, while IndyCar and NHRA races will often start at prices as low as $40. TicketSmarter’s interactive seating map will provide customers with plenty of pricing options when viewing Monaco Grand Prix tickets, making it easy to pick out the perfect seats for your budget. 

Monaco Grand Prix 2024 Racing Schedule

Auto racing generally takes place during the spring through fall months due to it primarily being an outdoor event. There are several indoor races that occur throughout the winter months such as the Chili Bowl Nationals for those needing their racing fix during the off season. Racing events may take place during a single day or over several days with a series of on-track sessions for practice, qualifying and racing.

The Monaco Grand Prix schedule will include practice sessions to get the drivers acclimated to the track. After the practice sessions, the drivers will then qualify their cars in order to set the lineup for the race.

When do Monaco Grand Prix tickets go on sale?

Monaco Grand Prix tickets will usually go on sale shortly after the sanctioning body for the race has announced their season schedule. The schedule for the upcoming season will generally become available before the completion of the current season.

Monaco Grand Prix Seating Chart

Seating arrangements for motorsports events will vary from track to track. Road courses will usually have several grandstands that give fans a unique view of different turns on the track. Oval tracks will generally have a large grandstand that provides a view of the entire racetrack from one location. TicketSmarter’s interactive seating map will accurately display the track and seating layout for the Monaco Grand Prix. This tool will allow you to see all available seating options, so you can make an educated decision on where to sit for the race.

The Monaco Grand Prix seating chart provides race fans with multiple seating options that each have their own unique multi-sensory experience. Sitting in the lower rows at  will give fans a true sense of the raw speed and intense noise of the engines as they race in front of you. Sitting higher up at the track will allow fans to see a wider view of the track, making it easier to follow along with all the action.