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What Happens When an Artist Cancels or Postpones an Event

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You get tickets to see your favorite band live, but then the band is having a travel delay or bad weather strikes the venue. The show either ends up being postponed or canceled. If this happens, it helps to know what to expect to happen with your ticket(s) and whether you can still salvage your event experience. In this guide, we will present you with information to help you figure out what to expect when an artist cancels or postpones a concert/tour/event. 

Postponed VS Canceled

First things first, it is important to note the difference between postponed and canceled events and how that might affect your event experience. 

  • Postponed events are events that have an unexpected delay and will no longer take place at their originally scheduled date or time. 
  • Canceled events are events that will no longer take place, presently or in the future. 

Why did you cancel/postpone my event? 

As a ticket resale marketplace, TicketSmarter is not responsible for the postponement or cancellation of events. Those decisions are made by performers, event promoters, and/or venues. If your event is canceled, our customer support team will reach out to you via email to notify you. If your event is only postponed, you will be notified by our customer support team of this change and given the rescheduled date/time of your event once that information is available. Tickets will remain valid for entry to the rescheduled event date. 

How will I know if my event is canceled? 

If your event is canceled and is not rescheduled, TicketSmarter will send out an email notifying you of the change in status for your event. As stated in TicketSmarter’s 100% guarantee, customers will receive a refund if their event is canceled and not rescheduled.

I never received a cancellation notice, where can I find it?   

If you do not find an email from TicketSmarter informing you that your event was canceled, please be sure to check your spam or promotions folder for any emails from TicketSmarter. Emails will occasionally land in those folders instead of the main inbox. 

If you still cannot find a cancellation notice in your email, please reach out to our customer support team and notify them that you believe your event has been canceled. They will send an update to you with the status of your event and your ticket options if the concert is postponed or canceled. 

When will I get my refund?

Most refunds will be processed within seven days but may take longer depending on your financial institution’s policies. If more than seven days have passed and you have not received your refund, please reach out to our customer support team either by email at or by phone at (833) 222-3651. 

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Why can’t I get a refund for my postponed event?

Tickets for postponed events are ineligible for refunds as the tickets remain valid for entry, even though the date and time of the event might have changed. 

Will I receive new tickets for the rescheduled event? 

You will not receive new tickets as your original tickets will remain valid for entry to the rescheduled date of your event.

Will I receive a notice if my event is postponed?

Yes, just as with canceled events, customers will receive an email informing them that their event has been postponed. Our customer support team will also send additional emails informing you of the rescheduled date for your event.

My event was postponed, but I can no longer attend. What should I do? 

If you find yourself in a situation in which the rescheduled date does not fit your schedule, don’t worry. The ticket(s) for your concert can be sold through TicketSmarter, a process that is detailed in our blog here

I bought ticket protection with my order, how does this help me? 

The ticket protection, which is offered by Allianz Global Assistance during the checkout process on, can help give you peace of mind if a covered circumstance prevents you or your guests from attending your event. Learn more about what ticket protection covers for your upcoming event. 

TicketSmarter’s Guarantee 

No matter what may come up and throw a wrench in your plans, you’ll be prepared with the right information if your concert gets postponed or canceled. TicketSmarter’s 100% guarantee applies to all tickets sold on the marketplace so you will be covered if your event is canceled.