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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Concert Tickets

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Let’s say that you purchased concert tickets for a Red Hot Chilli Peppers show next week. You’ve got your travel plans settled and concert outfit picked out and are set for the show. But, oh no!  You just found out that you have to attend a cousin’s wedding or a friend’s baby shower on that same date. Now you’re stuck with concert tickets that you paid for and can’t use. Don’t stress because we can help you out. 

With the following ticket resale guide, you’ll learn how to efficiently sell your concert tickets online. By doing this, you can allow someone else to enjoy a great show. 

Choosing the Right Platform to Sell Tickets

It’s important to choose the right ticket resale platform when preparing to sell concert tickets online. You’ll want to find a service that is free and simple to use without too much hassle. With Ticket To Cash’s service, you get access to an easy-to-use platform to sell your concert tickets.  

Listing Your Tickets for Sale

What is ticket resale?

Simply put, ticket resale is the process of selling tickets that have already been purchased by another person. This process usually occurs when a person has tickets to an event that they can no longer attend. The prospective ticket seller will put their ticket inventory onto a resale marketplace for another person to purchase them. Think of it like eBay or a yard sale. Instead of selling random trinkets from around the house, concert tickets are sold. 

Research prices

One of the benefits of reselling concert tickets is that you, the ticket seller, control the price of your ticket inventory however you’d like. Before creating a listing of your tickets, we suggest that you browse the ticket listings on our ticket resale marketplace for the same concerts. This will allow you to get a good idea of the price range at which your tickets can be sold. 

Ticket Reseller Fees and Payment Methods

Ticket To Cash is a free service for people to use to sell their concert tickets. First-time sellers will have a 15% commission deducted from their payout at the time of sale. Returning sellers will be charged a 10% commission. Ticket To Cash uses PayPal to provide payment to ticket sellers. This transaction will usually take place three days after the event, to ensure that the ticket buyer received their tickets and was able to attend their concert.

How to Resell Tickets: Step-by-step Guide

  • Choose which resale websites to post your tickets
    • With Ticket To Cash, this ticket resale service will let you create a listing for your concert tickets that will then be posted to hundreds of different ticket resale marketplaces. 
    • It can help to choose a resale marketplace that offers guarantees to the ticket seller and ticket buyer. 
  •  Register for an account on Ticket To Cash
  •  Search and select the concert tickets that you wish to sell
Screenshot of TicketSmarter Sell your Tickets Now page.
  •  Fill out the information for your concert tickets (ticket quantity, section, etc.) 
  • Compare prices to set your selling price for your tickets
    • With TicketToCash’s interactive venue map, ticket sellers can compare the ticket prices of other ticket listings for the same concert. 
  • Make sure to view the same sections and rows when you start comparing the ticket prices. You can even use this venue map’s filters to set a price range to view tickets that are in the same location. 
  • Transfer ownership of the tickets once they have been purchased
    • After your concert tickets have been sold, Ticket To Cash will notify you and guide you through the ticket transfer process. 
  • Remove your posting as soon as the sale is finalized
    • With Ticket To Cash, once your tickets have been sold, the ticket listing will automatically be taken down. 

Convenience Of TicketSmarter’s Platform To Resell Tickets

One of the best parts of using Ticket To Cash’s service to resell your concert tickets is that there are prompts available to guide you through the ticket resale process. 

Ticket Resale FAQs

Q: How much is the cost to sell my concert tickets?

A: It’s completely free to list your tickets on TicketSmarter! There is a commission fee that is taken from the overall payout of your ticket sale.

Q: Can I list resale tickets on multiple ticketing marketplaces?

A: Ticket To Cash will list your tickets for you on hundreds of other ticket resale marketplaces, which helps you save time and avoid double-selling your tickets. 

Q: Can I resell my tickets if I don’t have them yet? 

A: Yes, you can. If your tickets have a print or delivery delay, you’ll be able to make note of this while listing your ticket inventory. Refer to the image below.

A screenshot indicating print or delivery delay after buying tickets.

Q: Is ticket reselling profitable?

A: It can be! The payout for reselling your tickets will be subject to a few factors such as event type, demand for the event if it is sold out, face value vs. resale prices, etc. You’ll ultimately walk away with some extra cash in your pocket. 

Q: Help! There’s a typo on my ticket listing, what do I do? 

A: No worries. If your tickets haven’t sold yet, you can visit My Listings and then select ‘Edit Tickets.’ If your tickets have been sold, please contact Ticket To Cash ASAP to get the listing information corrected. 

If you have other questions that weren’t answered above, more ticket resale FAQs can be found at the Help Center.

Sell Concert Tickets With TicketSmarter

With this ticket resale guide, you’ll be able to sell your concert tickets and help someone enjoy a great concert. Check out TicketSmarter’s marketplace if you’re looking for fun events to attend.