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5 Reasons to Buy Resale

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When your favorite artist announces a new tour, or the hometown team releases the season schedule, you can choose to buy primary or resale. Here are five reasons to buy resale. 

There are two main options when you shop for event tickets. The first is primary. That means you buy directly from the “primary ticketing partner” who is usually linked through the artist, team, or venue website. The other option is secondary and that is the majority of what we do. Both individuals and brokers can list their tickets on sites like for resale. 

Why choose the resale? Let’s find out.

  1. You can buy on your time

The biggest benefit of buying resale is the ability to find tickets on your time. Whether you are waiting for payday or trying to coordinate a night out with friends, resale sites will usually have tickets available all the way up to the day of the event. 

  1. Pre-sale Codes 

With resale, you can also skip setting an alarm to buy as soon as tickets go on sale. No more signing up for endless mailing lists or scrambling to find a pre-sale code to enter at checkout. 

  1. You may find a better deal

Depending on demand, there might be tickets listed below face value or box office price. This is common with midweek sporting events and smaller shows that ticket holders may no longer be able to attend. Search by ticket price lowest to highest or select a section for a direct comparison in any price range. 

  1. You can wait to check the weather

This strategy works best for the casual baseball fan. You want to see your team, but not under a rain delay. When the time comes for the next homestand, keep an eye on the forecast and find a sunny afternoon, then start the ticket-buying process. Resale tickets are typically available up until the start of a game or slightly after allowing you to gather a group of friends and head to the ballpark on short notice.

  1. Your tickets are still guaranteed 

Every TicketSmarter purchase is protected by a 100% guarantee. That gives you the peace of mind that your tickets will be valid – just like a primary ticket – or you will be refunded. You will also receive a 100% refund if tickets are not delivered in time or if the event is canceled.