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How to Save Time and Money with Resale Tickets

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Research shows that it may pay to wait and buy resale tickets rather than splurging for seats the moment they go on sale. So how do you save time and money with resale tickets from sites like TicketSmarter? Let’s look at a couple of the top tips below to see your favorite acts and still keep some cash in your pocket

Be Patient

If you are used to collecting codes and jumping into long presale lines, this may be the toughest habit to break. It also may be a huge relief. According to a 2022 report from Finance Buzz, concertgoers saved more than 20% on tickets when they waited until the week of the show. They even spent 33% less when they bought tickets on the day of a show. Of course, waiting leaves a lot to chance so this might not be a good idea if you are traveling out of town.

At TicketSmarter, we typically see this with larger venues like stadiums and amphitheaters where there are several thousand seats. 

Be Flexible

From rain clouds and snow storms to sweltering heat, the weather is one of the biggest factors that affects a crowd on the day of an event. If you are willing to adjust quickly, there may be a whole lot of tickets hitting the resale market in the days before a show. 

Even in the best weather, being flexible about your seats will exponentially increase your options for different sections you may not have considered before. If you typically choose general admission, check out the numbered sections where you might find an inexpensive seat for a slightly elevated experience at a discounted price. According to data presented by the Coalition for Ticket Fairness, more than 2.7 million concert tickets and 3.96 million sports tickets were sold below face value between August 2022 and July 2023.

Be Ready to Jump When the Time Comes

Another big benefit of purchasing your tickets closer to a show is the ability to pay on a schedule that works better for you. Low on cash when your favorite artist announces a tour? Wait until after payday and check the resale market to see how many tickets are available. We see the biggest fluctuations in price when there are more than 1,000 tickets available, but of course, availability depends on the venue’s capacity. 

Many ticket resale platforms like TicketSmarter also offer the ability to pay over time with programs like Affirm. This allows you to see a big show without having to save for months leading up to it. 

How to Track Ticket Prices

There are three main factors to consider when you are tracking ticket prices. The first, and probably most important is the lowest listed price or “get-in price.” If this starts to dip below the price of primary tickets, you are in a great position to find a deal. The second is the average ticket price. 

This is a good statistic to track overtime to see general interest in an individual show or tour. While you may not be looking at the most expensive tickets you see, this will give you a general vibe of how the market is reacting to the tour over time. 

Finally, as we mentioned before, you will want to look at the number of tickets available. You can get a broad overview from an interactive map feature or start clicking through the listings to see how many sections are sold out. TicketSmarter lists all three of these numbers, as well as the highest list price, on event pages to help you make an informed decision. 

Buying Concert Tickets on Resale Sites

Before buying concert tickets on any website, familiarize yourself with their event ticket protection policies. All purchases through TicketSmarter are backed by our 100% ticket guarantee which allows you to make worry-free plans for your next concert, game or theater show.