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2023 MLB Postseason Schedule

Photo of a baseball field focused on home plate. MLB

It is time again for the MLB Playoffs and this year they feature a field of 12 teams. Games start Oct. 3, so this is the perfect time to learn about the 2023 MLB Postseason Schedule

Let’s start with the teams in the Wild Card round. The Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins are representing the American League (AL). The Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers will represent the National League (NL).

The Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers earned automatic bids to the AL and NL Division Series.

MLB Postseason Format

The new format introduced in 2022 brought two major changes to the MLB Postseason. First, it added two more teams into the mix. Second, it replaced the single-elimination Wild Card Game with a best-of-three series. The Wild Card Game was used from 2012 to 2019 and again in 2021. 

The team with the best league record earned the No. 1 seed and the second-best division winner also earned a bye. Baltimore is No. 1 in the American League and Atlanta is the top seed in the National League. 

In the Wild Card, the third-best division winner will meet the No. 6 seed (Wild Card team with the third-best record) and the No. 4 seed will meet No. 5. Higher seeds will host and the winner will advance to the Division Series which starts Oct. 7. 

The Division Series is still best-of-five with a 2-2-1 format that gives the home-field advantage to the higher seed. The League Championship Series and World Series rounds are best-of-seven with a 2-3-2 format. Home-field advantage in the World Series goes to the team with the best regular-season record. 

2023 Postseason Schedule (* = If Necessary)

Wild Card Round

Tuesday, Oct. 3

  • Tampa Bay vs. Texas
  • Minnesota vs. Toronto
  • Milwaukee vs. Arizona
  • Philadelphia vs. Miami

Wednesday, Oct. 4

  • Tampa Bay vs. Texas
  • Minnesota vs. Toronto
  • Milwaukee vs. Arizona
  • Philadelphia vs. Miami

Divisional Round

Saturday, Oct. 7

  • ALDS Game 1: Baltimore vs. Texas
  • ALDS Game 1: Houston vs. Minnesota
  • NLDS Game 1: Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  • NLDS Game 1: Los Angeles vs. Arizona

Sunday, Oct. 8

  • ALDS Game 2: Baltimore vs. Texas
  • ALDS Game 2: Houston vs. Minnesota

Monday, Oct. 9

  • NLDS Game 2: Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
  • NLDS Game 2: Los Angeles vs. Arizona

Tuesday, Oct. 10

  • ALDS Game 3: Texas vs. Baltimore
  • ALDS Game 3: Minnesota vs. Houston

Wednesday, Oct. 11

  • NLDS Game 3: Philadelphia vs. Atlanta
  • NLDS Game 3: Arizona vs. Los Angeles
  • *ALDS Game 4: Minnesota vs. Houston

Thursday, Oct. 12

  • *NLDS Game 4: Philadelphia vs. Atlanta

League Championship Series

Sunday, Oct. 15

  • ALCS Game 1: Texas vs. Houston

Monday, Oct. 16

  • NLCS Game 1: Arizona vs. Philadelphia
  • ALCS Game 2: Texas vs. Houston

Tuesday, Oct. 17

  • NLCS Game 2: Arizona vs. Philadelphia

Wednesday, Oct. 18

  • ALCS Game 3: Houston vs. Texas

Thursday, Oct. 19

  • NLCS Game 3: Philadelphia vs. Arizona
  • ALCS Game 4: Houston vs. Texas

Friday, Oct. 20

  • NLCS Game 4: Philadelphia vs. Arizona
  • *ALCS Game 5: Houston vs. Texas

Saturday, Oct. 21

  • *NLCS Game 5: Arizona vs. Philadelphia

Sunday, Oct. 22

  • *ALCS Game 6: Texas vs. Houston

Monday, Oct. 23

  • *NLCS Game 6: Arizona vs. Philadelphia
  • *ALCS Game 7: Texas vs. Houston

Saturday, Oct. 29

  • *NLCS Game 7: Arizona vs. Philadelphia

World Series

Friday, Oct. 27

  • World Series Game 1: Arizona vs. Texas

Saturday, Oct. 28

  • World Series Game 2: Arizona vs. Texas

Monday, Oct. 30

  • World Series Game 3: Texas vs. Arizona

Tuesday, Oct. 31

  • World Series Game 4: Texas vs. Arizona

Wednesday, Nov. 1

  • *World Series Game 5: Texas vs. Arizona

MLB Playoff Tickets

Whether you follow a perennial playoff team like the Astros who won their third straight AL West title or the Orioles who are looking for their first title in 40 years, you will not want to miss the 2023 MLB Postseason. Get your tickets now to see all the action live.