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Making the Most of GA

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When the time comes to buy tickets for your next concert, you generally have two options: buy reserved seats or go the GA route. In this article, we’ll be discussing the latter option and giving you a few tips on making the most of GA tickets.

So what is GA? To put it simply, GA or General Admission applies to seats or standing sections that aren’t reserved, and get occupied on a first-come, first-served basis. While purchasing your tickets, there may be a listed section, row, or seat number, but this information does not refer to a specific seating location. 

Typically with GA ticket listings on, the ”Additional Information” section on the ticket selection screen will offer more information on the type of GA seating, which can range from LAWN, PIT, or Standing Room Only (SRO).   

What are the advantages of buying GA tickets?

The main advantage of buying GA tickets is the price. Since general admission areas do not come with a fixed seat, they are generally the most inexpensive option. General admission tickets are great for smaller groups or people attending a concert solo. Without the restriction of assigned seating, you’re free to move around and find another spot during the show. 

Along with these perks, purchasing GA tickets offer a chance for people to experience one of the best parts of festivals: camping! Take a break from the constant day-to-day rush and grab tickets for popular festivals like Bonnaroo or Electric Forest. 

Why should I consider camping?

Whether it be Coachella, Lost Lands, or another multi-day music festival, you’ll want to get camping passes. Camping creates an elevated festival experience and allows attendees the chance to get the best spots for the show. Along with the scheduled festival events, there might be campground parties that make the camping experience explosive.

Typically people will show up to the festival grounds early, either the morning of or even the night before and camp out in their car nearby the festival grounds. Camping ensures that festival attendees will be the first to claim the best spot. You can spend the night having fun with friends, exploring the campgrounds and relaxing before getting ready for the festival the next day. 
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