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Benefits of Mobile Ticketing

Woman seated on a wooden bench holds cell phone in her hand. Concert & Ticket Guides

The modern event experience revolves around your phone as more and more venues rely on mobile ticketing. However, it goes beyond that too as everything from pre-paid parking passes to cashless concessions now rely on the powerful device in your pocket. 

Whether you are just beginning to search for concert tickets in your area, transferring them to a friend as you wait in line, or scanning a QR code for entry, there are lots of benefits of mobile ticketing. We will explore four of the biggest benefits below:

Don’t worry about losing your tickets

The first benefit of mobile ticketing is pretty straightforward. When your tickets are on your phone, they are virtually impossible to lose. Most people are accustomed to carrying their phone in a pocket or a purse making it a much more natural addition to your night out than a physical ticket. As long as you keep your phone charged, you are good to go! Simply grab your phone, open the associated app and present your ticket upon entry.

No waiting at the box office

With mobile tickets, you get to skip the lines at the box office too. Search for tickets at your convenience, check the virtual seating charts to find your perfect seat. When it is time, you can walk up to the door with your phone in hand and get right into line. 

Easily transfer 

The ability to quickly transfer tickets is another big benefit of mobile ticketing. Whether you are selling your tickets or shopping resale, mobile tickets can be transferred in seconds without having to meet for an in-person hand-off. 

Safe and secure

Mobile tickets – and specifically the codes used to signify your specific seat – are one of the safest ways to buy tickets since they are virtually impossible to duplicate. This means, you can buy resale knowing that the code has already been updated and no one else can use yours to gain entry. 

Bookmark this blog for more helpful ticketing tips that can help make your next event a breeze.