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How Live Podcast Recordings Work

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Whether you enjoy true crime, the paranormal, funny reviews, sports or find yourself needing dating advice, there is a podcast out there for you. Podcast series that go on tour to do live shows create a great opportunity for you and other listeners to meet the creators of a favorite series and interact with other fans. The atmosphere at a live show is relaxed and playful, with real-time feedback and reactions creating a trove of inside jokes and you-had-to-be-there moments. Don’t miss the chance to connect with your favorite podcast community with tickets to a live show. You can also catch a taped recording live at a convention like Bravocon.

What Happens At A Live Podcast Recording? 

Podcast host(s) put together a live show that will have the audience present in the same venue. The hosts use the informal setting to have fun and create a relaxed environment for themselves and the audience. During a live recording, audience members can expect Q&A sessions along with photo ops with their favored podcast creators. Some podcast series will even tailor the live show to incorporate elements of the city or region they’re visiting. Story-telling segments and trivia contests are among the fun activities that the audience can take part in together. 

Podcast creators also take the opportunity to invite special guests or design exclusive merch that is only available at a live show. Fans love being able to show off this unique merch and having a nice keepsake to remember the amazing experience. These live events help fans connect with each other and make lasting memories all while enjoying their favorite podcast series. If you’re new to the world of podcasts, check out our suggestions below for shows to see in person.

Popular Touring Podcasts

Pod Meets World

Get ready for a blast from the past with Pod Meets World tickets. Join stars of the hit 1990s sitcom, Boy Meets World, on this iHeartPodcasts production, featuring Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle. Having played Topanga, Shawn and Eric respectively, they rewatch episodes and discuss filming the series and behind-the-scenes extras. The trio also hosts interviews with former actors, writers and producers of the show. Since its premiere in 2022, Pod Meets World has received positive feedback from audiences and the sitcom’s cast and crew. The series has been called “The podcast we didn’t know we needed” in Hollywood Life. Sit in on a live recording with tickets to The Kids Wanna Jump! Tour. 

You’re Wrong About

History lovers and conspiracy theorists will have no issues catching a live episode of You’re Wrong About. Hosted by journalist Sarah Marshall and Mike Hobbes, this podcast takes a look at critical historic events and asks the question “What if…?” Marshall and Hobbes discuss how different historical events could have been resolved or why they became notorious. The duo has conversations concerning historical pop culture relics, events and figures like O.J. Simpson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Beanie Babies, and more.

Mike Hobbes is a reporter for The Huffington Post that has also written articles for publications like Slate and The New Republic, on topics ranging from politics to generational divides as well as topics concerning sexuality, poverty, body wellness and more. Sarah Marshall has taught at her alma mater, Portland State University, and has written pieces that have been featured in The Believer, Buzzfeed and Partisan Magazine, along with other publications. She also has done several amazing essays on topics like true crime, theater and pop culture. Get You’re Wrong About tickets today and indulge your inner history geek. 

Betches U Up?

Join Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comic Jared Field in this dating podcast series where they delve into the highs and lows of relationships, dating app mishaps, awkward encounters and more. The pair offer dating advice, discuss relationship books and guides and love in all its forms. U Up? has had celebrity guests like Sebastian Stan and Rebel Wilson on the show. Join J&J as they go on their summer tour in cities like Boston and Washington D.C. with Betches U Up? tickets

Betches is a female-founded media and entertainment company that focuses on providing a space for women to share their voices and experiences, with no holds barred. The company was founded by three friends and roommates in 2011 as an anonymous blog. It’s since grown to have an audience composed of 48 million people, 13 million social followers and 12 original podcast series. Their content covers a vast variety of social hot-button issues, true crime, comedy, books, memes and more. 

And That’s Why We Drink

If true crime cases and tales of creatures that go bump in the night peak your interest, then you’ll enjoy seeing this award-winning podcast live. And That’s Why We Drink was created by Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer. The duo wanted to put together a series that incorporates comedy into paranormal and true crime stories. Since it first premiered in 2017, the podcast has repeatedly ranked in the top 20 comedy podcast charts. With major success, And That’s Why We Drink has won the People’s Voice ‘Webby’ award for Best Comedy Podcast in 2019, 2021 and 2022. 

The pair created another podcast series titled Rituals in 2022, where every week the occult and mystical objects are discussed. Schulz and Schiefer even wrote a book, A Haunted Road Atlas, which made The New York Times bestsellers list in 2022. The book covers the hosts’ favorite creepy and spooky locals across the United States, highlighting infamous crime scenes, haunting encounters and sightings of supernatural beings. Meet Em and Christine with And That’s Why We Drink tickets during the On The Rocks tour. 

We Hate Movies

In 2010, Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin, Eric Szyszka and Stephen Sajdak, found themselves with too much free time spent watching bad movies. The four friends decided to put on a podcast series with plenty of humorous and profane conversations about movies. Whether good or bad, they cover it all along with game and movie trailer reviews. We Hate Movies curated a comedy brand that has produced hundreds of episodes and several national tours. From horror franchises like Saw or Halloween to blockbuster hits like Avatar and Fast & The Furious, there is almost no genre of film that this comedy crew doesn’t crack jokes about. With plenty of off-the-wall tangents, silly impressions and general mayhem, people with We Hate Movies tickets will have a blast with this live comedy show. 

Haunted Homies

Join Elton Castee, Corey Scherer, and Matt Rife on a ghost-hunting adventure with Haunted Homies tickets. The series follows the trio as they explore well-known haunted sites and buildings around the world. They pull off wild pranks and go road-tripping in places like New Zealand all while swapping stories about the paranormal, ghosts, ‘haunting’ moments in their own lives and more. With Haunted Homies tickets, audiences will be treated to stories on the paranormal. They will also enjoy fan-submitted stories involving dark secrets, real-life hauntings and embarrassing relationship moments. 


With two husbands, four kids and six dogs between them, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are two wine-loving moms with a weekly web series sharing about parenthood, relationships, and more. They’re also comics that want to entertain audiences with funny videos featuring their own mishaps. IMomSoHard recently launched a self-titled podcast series and taped an Amazon Prime comedy special. With more than 2.2 million followers and 300 million views, IMomSoHard is a comedy pair you don’t want to miss live. Get IMomSoHard tickets today and enjoy hacks on traveling with kids to discussions about favorite celebrities.

Enjoy Popular Podcasts Live

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