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RBD Concert Tickets

Grab your RBD tickets today and hear your favorite tracks performed live by this Latin pop group. Rising to fame after their appearance on the telenovela Rebelde, RBD captivated listeners with their upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies, and fans will not want to miss hearing this band live in concert.

Formed in 2004, RBD included six members: Maite Perroni, Ahani, Dulce Maria, Christopher von Uckermann, Alfonso Herrera and Christian Chavez. The group was showcased on the premiere of a hit telenovela where their first single was launched. RBD’s first album was released shortly after and was produced by EMI, achieving incredible success in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Between 2005 and 2009, RBD released four additional albums and toured around the globe for audiences in Mexico, the United States and several countries in Europe. Honored with seven Billboard Latin Music Awards and nominated for a World Music Award and two Latin Grammy Awards, fans will not want to miss hearing this pop music group live.

Do not miss your chance to buy RBD tickets now and experience the vibrant and popular music of this Latin group in concert. Latin music fans will enjoy hearing RBD’s greatest hits, which include “Solo Quedate En Silencio,” “Nuestro Amor,” “Inalcanzable” and Esté Corazon.” Leaving a lasting legacy on popular music, and especially Latin American music, audiences will not want to miss a live performance by RBD.

How much are RBD tickets?

Being in attendance at a live concert can start at around the $32 range. RBD ticket prices will fluctuate. Admission to a show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California can start at around $59 and a seat at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California can begin in the $90 range. Prime spots will run higher and admission to festivals will typically cost more. Make your selections from our site today. 

When do RBD tickets go on sale?

Admission can sell out fast once a tour or festival is announced. Very often, you can purchase RBD concert tickets from our site in advance. There’s no need for a pre-sale code and you can easily secure your seats at the next live event.

RBD Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Latin music is extremely popular and has been performed at venues throughout the U.S. and abroad. RBD tour dates can include appearances at any number of festivals such as the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina in Miami, Florida, the Festival Latino in Columbus, Ohio or the Ruido Fest in Chicago, Ill.

There could also be a chance to see the artist perform at Los Dells Festival in Mauston, Wisconsin on the stage of the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California or the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The RBD concert schedule has a lot to offer and the music rings loud and clear from any venue. Live shows are performed in cities throughout the world and there are plenty of opportunities to be the audience.

Songs from the RBD Tour Setlist

RBD's setlist while performing in Mexico City , DIF at “Estadio Azteca” included the following songs:

  1. Volver a ser rebelde
  2. Tras de mí
  3. Un poco de tu amor
  4. Cerquita de ti
  5. Aún hay algo
  6. Otro día que va
  7. Así soy yo / Cuando el amor se acaba / Fuego
  8. Inalcanzable
  9. Tenerte y quererte / Me voy / Dame / Y no puedo olvidarte / Para olvidarte de mí
  10. Enséñame
  11. Qué hay detrás
  12. Orgullo Soy Rebelgay
  13. Tu amor
  14. El Rey
  15. Era la musica / Wanna Play / Cariño mío
  16. Celestial
  17. Bésame sin miedo
  18. Ser o parecer
  19. Futuro ex-novio / Qué fue del amor
  20. No pares
  21. Este corazón
  22. Siempre he estado aquí
  23. Comenzando de nuevo
  24. Empezar desde cero
  25. Una canción / A tu lado / Quizá / Adiós
  26. Homenaje a Pedro Damián
  27. Solo quédate en silencio
  28. Fuertemente rebelde
  29. Sálvame
  30. Nuestro amor
  31. Encore
  32. Rebelde