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Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Codes

How do I redeem a discount code or voucher?

Your voucher works the same as a gift card or promotional code. In step two in the payment section of the checkout screen, you will see a link that says "Redeem a Gift Card or Promo Code". Click that link and you can enter your voucher code in the text box before payment.

In some cases, TicketSmarter may offer promotions where the customer is requested to click to receive a promotional discount. In those circumstances, the customer must engage with the offer in order to receive the discount. In some cases, TicketSmarter will automatically populate the promo code field. In other cases, the customer will need to enter the code and apply it to their order.

Promotional discount offers/codes can not be combined. 

All promotional offers/codes are subject to change and are at the sole discretion of TicketSmarter Inc.

Find my PIN

Where do I find my PIN?

Your 8-digit PIN can be found in your receipt email. We assigned it, so don't worry if you don't remember creating one.


Can I change the email address on my order?

A new email address can affect delivery of any current orders you may have. In order to ensure electronic tickets are not delivered to the wrong spot, the best choice is to reach out to our contact center here.


Get my Tickets

It's asking me to print my tickets. Can't I just show my tickets on my phone?

If your tickets are not marked mobile entry, then we can't guarantee the venue will be able to scan the barcodes unless they are printed.


I'm not at home or near a printer. How can I get my tickets printed?

There are many options. A local library or a hotel business center are good choices. Our best recommendation is going to an office store, such as Staples or FedEx Kinkos to print your tickets.


It says my tickets are ready, but I can't get them to appear! What can I do?

Try both the 'View and Print' and 'Download and Print' buttons. Disable your pop-up blocker. Make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed and up-to-date, especially if you receive an error saying the PDF is invalid.


I see my tickets, but what can I do to make them print?

If you've already checked the printer connection and power source, restarted the machine, and ensured that you have ink and paper in the printer, then you may be experiencing a larger issue. Make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed and up-to-date. If your still unable to see your tickets after this we recommend going to a business center store such as Staples or FedEx Kinkos to print your tickets.


I'm worried if I look at my tickets now, it won't let me print them later. Can I only do it once?

Once uploaded, your tickets remain available until your event. You can print or view them as many times as you'd like, whenever is convenient for you.


I don't know if I have Adobe Acrobat. How can I get it?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program the can be installed from Adobe’s website.


What is a QR code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones. So, if you see a barcode like the one below this means your tickets will need to be displayed on a smartphone for entry into your event.


It says my tickets are mobile entry. Can't I just print them?

If your tickets are mobile entry, then we can't guarantee the venue will be able to scan the QR codes unless they are displayed on a mobile phone. Plan ahead and make sure your smartphone is fully charged.


How do I get my tickets that were electronically transferred to me?

With electronic transfer, your ticket seller will be transferring the tickets into your possession using the name, email address, and phone number provided at the time of purchase. Your ticket seller will be sending you an email containing instructions on how to retrieve your tickets prior to the event. You will NOT print your tickets, but rather display them on your mobile device to gain entry to your event.

We recommend that you download the specified app and create an account so you are prepared to accept the transfer as soon as the tickets are made available. Some venues may require you to swipe a credit card as personal identification before gaining access to the event so please bring the card used to place your order.

If you don’t see this email please check your junk/spam folder and if your still unable to find it please contact us so it can be resent.


About my Tickets

Can you help us get more tickets?

Tickets are only guaranteed together if they're part of the same order. Once signed in, next to your order you will find a link to quickly shop for additional tickets to the same event!


I'm worried I lost my tickets. Can I get them resent?

eTickets can be reprinted any time. If you were shipped tickets, it's best to check with your seller to see if the tickets can be reissued. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and once delivered we are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. If you purchased insurance, check with Allianz Global Assistance at 888.799.2832 as this may be covered.


What do I do if I received the wrong tickets?

We're sorry to hear that and would like to help. Please take a moment to check if your concern is covered by one of the next four common questions. Our contact center can be reached here.


Why is there a different name on my tickets?

It's normal to see a different name on your tickets. Don't worry, this is fine. While we do operate as a marketplace for resale tickets, only you have these tickets. What's most important is that the barcode can be scanned.


Why is there a different price on my tickets?

Tickets sold on our website are sold at market value, i.e. how much the tickets were worth at that time. This can be different than the face value printed on the ticket. Many tickets increase in price as the event nears and tickets become harder to find.


Why aren't my seats side by side?

Many theaters are set up so that the odd-numbered seats are on one side of the room and the even-numbered seats are on the other. For example, seats 12 and 14 are side by side.


Why is there a different date on my tickets?

This can happen sometimes. Do you know if your event was rescheduled, perhaps even before you bought the tickets? Tickets for the originally announced date are not reissued with the updated information. These tickets are still valid.


Track my Order

My tickets are being shipped. Will I need to sign for my tickets?

Most of the time, a signature is required on delivery. If you're not there, FedEx will leave a door tag with instructions. They may redeliver the following day or hold at a local business for pick-up.


I need to change my shipping address. How can I do that?

We provide your seller with your preferred shipping address the moment you order. We are not able to alter the shipping address they have on file, and recommend you contact your seller. They will accommodate if they are able.


Why are my tickets shipping to Connecticut? I don't live there!

Did you ask for shipping to a PO Box? Our sellers use FedEx for shipping services, and FedEx is unable to deliver to a PO Box. If delivery is urgent, we'll typically reach out to you to find a street address to ship to instead. When there's plenty of time to honor your shipping request, we'll ship to our offices in Connecticut and then ship it via USPS to your PO Box.


My delivery date has passed. Why don't I have my tickets?

Our sellers list the date they plan to send the tickets. When there's a delay, it's often due to security restrictions to protect the integrity of the tickets. If your tickets are not already on their way, please notify our contact center here so we can check up on your order!


About my Event

My event was cancelled. What do I do now?

We need to see if your event gets rescheduled. If it does, new tickets are not issued. Simply attend the new date with the same tickets! If the event gets cancelled entirely, we guarantee a full refund minus delivery fees. Your seller can let you know of any additional instructions, for example if tickets need to be returned.


I can’t go to this event anymore. What can I do?

We understand that things come up. Even though all sales are final, anyone can use your tickets. Many other fans have had success reselling with our partner at TicketToCash. It's very easy to use!


My event was postponed and I don't see the button to download anymore. What happened to my tickets?

For postponed events, ticket access can become restricted after the originally scheduled date. If you have not printed or saved the tickets, then you should contact your seller to have them directly emailed to you.


What if I can't attend and bought insurance?

Ticket insurance is provided by Allianz Global Assistance. They would be glad to assist if you reach out to their claim center at (888) 799-2832.


I didn't go to my event, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund unused tickets.


Is TicketSmarter part of Ticketmaster?

TicketSmarter® is a ticket resale marketplace and is not affiliated with Ticketmaster® or Live Nation®. TicketSmarter® is not the ticket seller.


Is TicketSmarter Safe?

TicketSmarter has a 100% Ticket Guarantee and provides a safe and secure web platform for customers to buy tickets and uses https:// secure protocol. If your event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will receive a refund guaranteed. Verified customer reviews give TicketSmarter 4.6/5 stars.