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Wardruna Concert Tickets

Wardruna tickets offer you the chance to hear Norse history come to life. The group was initially formed in 2003 by Einar Selvik and Gaahl, who were both members of the black metal band Gorgoroth. While Gaahl is no longer in the band, his influence helped create the band's signature, Norse-inspired sound. Rather than the heavy, electric-guitar-laden sound of the grounding members’ previous musical effort, Wardruna’s signature sound is built around the use of traditional Norse instruments. Deer-hide drums, flutes and goat horns are just a few of the unique instruments used by the group, which are often supplemented with environmental sounds such as rocks and water.

Though the band was formed in 2003, the first rush of Wardruna tickets were sold in conjunction with the release of their debut album Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga in 2009. This album, as well as the following two efforts, were based on Norse mythology. The band’s third album, Runaljod - Ragnarok, demonstrated the ever-growing success of the band, debuting at number one on the Billboard World Music Charts. This was in part due to the group’s work on the hit television show Vikings, as Wardruna has lent their musical talents to the show since the second season. For fans of Norse mythology, the Vikings show, or world music in general, Wardruna offers a contemporary take on a deep historical tradition.

Wardruna Ticket Prices

All TicketSmarter seats tend to vary in price based on a number of factors. Variables that may affect the cost of Wardruna concert tickets on our site include seat demand, seating section and city of performance.

How much are Wardruna tickets?

Wardruna tour tickets may often be found in the $75 range. For cheap Wardruna tickets, you might be advised to look in the rear or balcony sections of the venue. For instance, balcony seats at Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA often sell for about $50. Rear orchestra seats for the same venue typically cost roughly $150, while front-of-balcony tickets usually rise in price to over $200. Leave the box office behind and get your tickets today at TicketSmarter.

Wardruna Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Wardruna tour tickets are sold at venues all over the world. Their United States tours usually hit many major metropolitan areas across the nation. You might expect to see them at venues such as The Magnolia Performing Arts Center in El Cajon, CA, Rockwell at the Complex in Salt Lake City, UT and Paramount Theatre in Denver, CO.

When do Wardruna tickets go on sale?

You’re usually able to buy Wardruna ticks up to a year in advance of one of the group’s performances. Even for shows very far in advance, you don’t need a presale code to shop at TicketSmarter.

Wardruna Seating Chart

Wardruna shows usually take place in large, theatre-style venues that can seat fans across a number of different seating sections. While some venues such as the roughly 1,800-seat Warner Theatre in Washington, DC hold under 2,000 fans, many others including the nearly 2,500-seat Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte NC hold even more. The best seats at Warner Theatre are likely found in pit and center orchestra rows AA through M. The venue also offers seats in its Warner Grand Suites, mid balcony and upper balcony sections.

Safe and Secure Wardruna Ticket Purchasing

It is our mission to provide you with genuine tickets in a safe and secure manner. That’s why all our seats are guaranteed to be of the same quality as those bought from the box office. Our protected purchasing platform is also carefully designed to keep your personal information safe.

100% Wardruna Ticket Guarantee

100% guaranteed Wardruna tickets are at your fingertips with TicketSmarter. Take our verified customers’ word for our reliability, as they’ve rated our site 4.6/5.0 stars.

Songs from the Wardruna Tour Setlist

Wardruna's setlist while performing in Dallas , TX at “Majestic Theatre” included the following songs:

  1. Kvitravn
  2. Skugge
  3. Solringen
  4. Bjarkan
  5. Tyr
  6. Lyfjaberg
  7. Voluspá (Skaldic Version)
  8. UruR
  9. Isa
  10. Rotlaust tre fell
  11. Heimta Thurs
  12. Fehu
  13. Odal
  14. Helvegen
  15. Encore
  16. Ormagardskvedi


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