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Balanchine's Ballets Russes Tour Tickets

Take in breathtaking performances with your Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets from TicketSmarter. Ballet developed out of the Italian Renaissance during the fifteenth century. It was popularized in both France and Russia, where it evolved into a concert dance. While the choreography and footwork are on display on the mainstage, a ballet is incomplete without the accompanying music. All ballets feature scores that are performed either by a symphony or orchestra.

The oldest known ballet company was formed under the directive of King Louis XIV in 1672. Known as the Paris Opera Ballet, the dancers and choreographers are credited for the creation of the five major feet positions that are frequently utilized in ballets.

It’s quite common to find Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets for famous ballets by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Rising to prominence in the nineteenth century, Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer known for his symphonies and ballets. He wrote Swan Lake and The Nutcracker which are traditionally offered throughout the holiday season. The Sleeping Beauty is another ballet that you might find Balanchine's Ballets Russes offering throughout the year.

A more modern composer that Balanchine's Ballets Russes frequently performs the works of is Igor Stravinsky. Like Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky was also born in Russia and composed a wide range of musical works. Fans might see The Rite of Spring being showcased by Balanchine's Ballets Russes. Famous works in literature and film often make their way onto the stage. Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland premiered in 2011 and has been performed by various ballet companies such as the Balanchine's Ballets Russes.

Balanchine's Ballets Russes Ticket Prices

One of the biggest determining factors of Balanchine's Ballets Russes ticket prices will be the number of shows offered. Performances are always in high demand during the holiday season. Limited engagement shows may be more expensive if it’s garnering a lot of interest from fans.

How much are Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets?

Fans can get in to see a Balanchine's Ballets Russes performance for around $40. Expect balcony seating to range from around $40 to $70. Mezzanine seating can be in the $100 range. The majority of tickets will be sold for seats in the orchestra section. Center orchestra is in the highest demand and can cost upwards of $150.

Balanchine's Ballets Russes Tour Dates & Show Schedule

Many Balanchine's Ballets Russes shows will be divided into separate seasons. There is almost always a winter season that features iconic ballets like The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. These ballets are usually well-attended which is why Balanchine's Ballets Russes puts on multiple shows during the winter months. Other performances will be offered in the fall and spring months. Ballets like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are traditionally offered outside of the holiday season. Occasionally, Balanchine's Ballets Russes may put on original performances that are showcased in the spring. These shows tend to be limited to just one or two weekends at a time. While on tour, you’ll likely find Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets in famous theatres such as the Balboa Theatre or the Ziff Opera House.

When do Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets go on sale?

Like many ballets, Balanchine's Ballets Russes performance tickets can be purchased across different seasons. Upcoming shows are announced sometime during the summer, with tickets going on sale shortly after the Balanchine's Ballets Russes tour dates are made public.

Balanchine's Ballets Russes Seating Chart

Venues such as the Academy of Music in Philadelphia or the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. are typical venues to find Balanchine's Ballets Russes perform live. These theatres will hold around 2,000 to 3,000 guests and almost always will offer balcony, mezzanine and orchestra seating. Premium seats can be found in the center orchestra section, while more affordable Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets can be found in the balcony section. Mezzanine seats offer fans enjoyable views that are cheaper than orchestra seating. TicketSmarter’s interactive seating chart helps you find the best seats quickly and easily. Click on a performance in the Balanchine's Ballets Russes schedule above to see the seating chart.

Safe and Secure Balanchine's Ballets Russes Ticket Purchasing

Fans of the Balanchine's Ballets Russes can trust TicketSmarter’s safe and secure ticket purchasing platform. Our website utilizes the highest security standards in the industry which keeps your information safe and secure while you complete your purchase. Enjoy browsing through our wide selection of affordable ballet tickets. Reach out to our friendly customer service team if you have any questions.

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Rest easy knowing that your Balanchine's Ballets Russes tickets are fully guaranteed. These valid ballet tickets will arrive on time and get you to your seat. Trust the experience of our verified customers who rate TicketSmarter 4.6/5.0 stars.